What kind of material is best for a kitchen faucet?

kitchen faucet

Choosing the right kitchen faucet is essential to ensuring both functionality and durability in your kitchen space. In this article, we will explore the different aspects to consider when choosing the material for a kitchen faucet. From solid brass bodies to braided nylon hoses, and the quality of the ceramic cartridge, we will examine each crucial element to help you make an informed decision and invest in a faucet that meets your long-term needs.

Solid Brass vs Zinc: Durability Comes First

Kitchen faucets, like vanity taps, should always be made of solid brass rather than zinc. Zinc, which is much cheaper to use in the manufacturing of the faucet body, does not offer the same durability. The kitchen faucet is a frequently used item, and the quality of the material of its body is paramount for maximum longevity. 

A Hose with Maximum Resistance

Next, consider the hose from the extendable part of the faucet spout. If made from braided nylon, it will be more resistant than plastic or rubber.

braided nylon

Warranty and Quality

The higher the quality of a product, the longer it will last. Consequently, the greater the warranty offered by the manufacturer should be.

Investing in Durability

We will also choose a faucet that is ergonomic, well-designed, easy to use and install. It is important to choose a faucet that includes a high-quality cartridge. It will consist of ceramic discs. Opt for a kitchen faucet that also offers a lifetime warranty on the cartridge and is easy to replace at a retailer that stocks the parts.

cartridge ceramic discs
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