What Height Should You Install a Shower Niche?

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Shower niches are very practical. Shampoo and soap bottles find their place there, thus freeing up the shower floor.

There are several formats of niches. Ensure that the niche is large enough to hold your different bottles. It is advisable to install at least two niches in your shower. This way, you will have all the necessary space to store your shampoo bottles, soap, razors, and other accessories you need in your shower. 

Symmetrical lines

It is also important to plan the location of your niches in the shower well. They should be positioned aesthetically, on symmetrical lines. The niches should also be placed based on their use, as ergonomically as possible.

Therefore, the niches should be installed at least 40 inches from the shower base and placed to be easily accessible inside the shower.

A thoughtful design

You can strategically arrange niches of different sizes and also vertically and horizontally, to offer a thoughtful, aesthetic, and ergonomic design.

For example, a long and narrow niche can be placed vertically, and at its base, two other horizontally placed niches can create an "L" effect.

Not just in a shower

Another design will offer storage above the toilet. Install a medium sized niche vertically and another smaller niche also vertically above the first.

This way, you will achieve an elegant, practical, and different design.

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