What flow rate for a kitchen faucet?

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In the field of plumbing, the water flow rate is a crucial element to consider when choosing and installing products. Although the design of a product may promote a high flow rate, it is essential to understand that the volume of water available to the plumbing fixture is just as significant. This article explores the importance of water flow in different domestic contexts and provides tips for maximizing the efficiency and performance of plumbing fixtures, including kitchen faucet.

Understanding Water Flow

The flow rate of a plumbing product is not determined solely by itself. It mainly depends on the volume of water reaching the plumbing fixture. You can have a product that is designed for a high flow rate, meaning it will allow a lot of water to easily pass through its conduits, but if the house only provides 30 PSI (the pressure unit PSI stands for "pound per square inch"), there won't be much water coming out of the product in question.

Importance of Maximum Flow Rate

Always look for a maximum flow rate. The kitchen is not a place to save water because we want to have good pressure to thoroughly rinse our sink, dishes, and food with maximum pressure for it to be effective and quick.

Considerations for Maximizing Flow Rate

At the risk of upsetting some well-meaning environmentalists, it's the same concept for shower fixtures. Here again, this is not a place where you should be using a flow restrictor or a low-pressure product. It is important to be able to enjoy a shower head with powerful jets and a good volume of water to be able to rinse well, easily, and quickly. This is even more important for people with long hair. 

We will therefore choose products that offer a high flow rate to fully enjoy their performance.

Summary and Practical Tips

In summary, the water flow is not only linked to the product but more so to the volume of water available at the installation location. Always favor plumbing fixtures where you can make the most of the available water pressure. If your ecological conscience calls out to you, opt for shorter usage times during off-peak periods.

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