What are the best bathroom faucet brands?

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In the vast world of bathroom faucets, it's easy to get lost in the multitude of brands and models available on the market. Yet, beyond the prestige associated with big brands, it is crucial to focus on quality and ergonomics criteria to ensure a wise choice.

The brand is not at all a criterion for choosing a quality faucet in Quebec. Anything that touches water must be certified by a laboratory such as UPC, Water Tech, CSA and other laboratories that are accepted by the Quebec building code. There are very few factories that have these certificates. Most of the faucets available in Quebec are manufactured by the same factories.

Brand Image

So, it's very much a question of brand image. You will pay more for well-known brands that spend huge sums on advertising in major magazines.

Quality and Ergonomic Criteria

Rather than the brand, look for quality and ergonomic criteria. Choose solid brass faucets rather than zinc. You will gain in strength and durability.

Favor Ergonomics

Choose your faucet so that it is adapted to the sink in terms of depth, jet angle and also height. A jet too close to the back wall, as a result of a spout that is too short, will cause water damage behind the faucet. A faucet that is too low will not be comfortable for washing hands. A faucet that is too high will splash you. Everything must be done to promote ergonomics, durability and comfort.

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Request Certification

Consider, more than the brand, products that have a good warranty and a retailer who can assure you that they have spare parts in stock and a technician to carry out repairs. It is important to buy faucets on site and not online to obtain a warranty that will be offered on site, close to the place of purchase.

Sometimes, products offered online are not certified. Indeed, not all provinces in Canada require certification of plumbing products.

Also, there is no guarantee that the company that sold you online, on the internet, can really offer you a quality after-sales service.

In conclusion, get a quality faucet locally, ergonomic for your needs and with a good warranty.

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