One-piece toilet 382Y (1)
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One-piece toilet Kobe 382Y


Our Kobe toilet is entirely rectangular, designed with simple straight lines. Its classic, simplistic and rectilinear design will be the piece de resistance of your bathroom decor.
Equipped with high-end features often found in much more expensive products, the Kobe toilet guarantees surprising performance.



Impressive Features:

Oversized wax donut: included.
WaterSense certification: this product is certified ecological thanks to its low water consumption.
Incomparable flushing power of 1000 grams: for ultra-efficient evacuation
Ultra-glossy vitreous china construction: antibacterial, easy to clean and allows for more efficient evacuation.
Siphon drainage system: for efficient waste disposal.
Monocoque construction: the toilet and its water tank are made from the same piece. This prevents tank leaks, provides a more modern appearance and is easier to clean.
Extended seat: more comfortable than a standard seat.
Slow seat closing: prevents seat slamming.
Dual flush: choose 4 liters or 6 liters to conserve water.
Detachable seat: remove the seat in seconds for quick and easy cleaning.
Installation through side openings: forget about visible and rusting fixing screws. Our toilet is installed through side openings that hide the mounting nuts inside the toilet.
Evacuation center 12 inches from the wall: suitable for replacing standard toilets.
Dual flush lever on top of toilet: for a more modern and ergonomic look.
Factory tested 48 hours: we fill 100% of our toilets with water at the factory for a period of 48 hours to avoid any possible leaking defects.
Spare parts in stock. we are proud to be able to serve you for a long term. We keep all necessary spare parts in stock.
Five-year warranty: for your peace of mind.


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