Automatic trash can 16L


Our new automatic trash can is super practical.
Equipped with a motion sensor, the lid opens quickly to allow you to throw away your waste without any contact.

  • The trash can lid automatically closes silently 5 seconds later.
  • Made of ABS, this automatic trash can is durable and heavy duty.
  • Its matte white finish is easy to clean and anti-bacterial because it is non-porous.
  • The trash bag inserts easily and holds firmly in place with a ring that locks the trash bag in place.
  • Small in size, our automatic trash can fits well into all your rooms and adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your decor.

- Contactless operation
- ⁠Silent
- ⁠Easy to use
- Easy cleaning
– ⁠Capacity 16 litres
- Antibacterial
- ⁠Integrates into any decor

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