Bathroom vanity Torina seen from above
Torina bathroom vanity side view
Bathroom vanity Torina
Bathroom vanity Torina
Bathroom vanity Torina

36″ Torina Bathroom Vanity - White


Torina 36 inch bathroom vanity - White

This set includes the vanity, the acrylic countertop with lifetime warranty, and a UPC certified pop-up drain.

The whole thing is made of medium density fibre with waterproof joints, very durable and easy to maintain.

Vanity is pre-assembled.

Please note that the vanity comes with brushed aluminium handles. Black handles are available as an option.

The storage unit is available as an option.

Data sheet - vanity top
Data sheet - vanity

Available in 9 finishes

Discover the art of personalizing your bathroom space with our extensive range of finishes for our bathroom vanities. That's why we offer 9 unique finishes, each bringing its own charm and elegance to your bathroom.


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