What is the ideal width of bathroom furniture?

comptoir de vanité

Discover the secrets to choosing the perfect width, in harmony with the available space in your bathroom. Learn how to avoid a cluttered appearance and instead opt for a vanity that seems to float, offering both maximum countertop space and smooth flow according to feng shui principles.

Spatial Harmony

This obviously depends on the width of the available space. It is important to have enough space so that the furniture does not appear squeezed by the objects around it and adjacent walls. Otherwise, we will get the impression that the vanity is cramped and that the furniture was chosen poorly.

Floating with Space

Take advantage of an optimal dimension that will offer you maximum countertop space while maintaining a comfortable space that will give your bathroom vanity the impression of floating. The feng shui must flow!

Wise Choice: One or Two Basins?

Choosing two basins should be avoided, as most people do not use the bathroom together. So sometimes it is preferable to choose a single basin but with a larger countertop space.

Normally, the size of vanities ranges from 24, 30, 36, 48, 60 inches, up to 72 inches for standard dimensions. From 48 inches, you will have the option to choose 2 basins. However, we recommend a model that incorporates two basins starting from 60 inches to benefit from a comfortable countertop space.

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