How to maintain an acrylic bathtub?

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Taking care of your acrylic bath is crucial for preserving its beauty and functionality. In this article, we share simple but effective tips to keep your bathtub sparkling like new. Follow our practical advice for easy, hassle-free maintenance, and thoroughly enjoy your relaxation oasis with every bath.

What to Do

Acrylic is a material that's easy to maintain. You can clean an acrylic bathtub with a cleaning agent like Windex or a drop of dish soap in warm water. For more stubborn rings, the product Bon Ami provides excellent results without damaging the finish. Of course, the longer you wait to clean the tub, the more laborious the cleaning will be.

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What to Avoid

What you should avoid is the use of abrasive or acidic products, which could risk damaging the acrylic surface.

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