How to Install a Bathroom Mirror?

installation miroir de salle de bain

Installing a bathroom mirror is an essential step in creating a functional and aesthetic space. Whether you opt for an electrified mirror with additional features or a classic mirror, it's important to consider several factors to ensure a successful and safe installation.

Electrified or Classic?

There are two categories of bathroom mirrors. There are electrified mirrors, which have a heating element or a light element. And the second category is the classic mirror.

Compliance with Standards

Regarding mirrors that are equipped with electricity, it implies the need to hire an electrician. A junction box will need to be installed, and everything must be installed according to the local building code. Also, it will be necessary to plan for a protected electrical circuit, GFCI, and outlets with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Planning the Location

For the placement of regular and electrified mirrors, it's essential to ensure a good distance between the bottom of the mirror and the faucet. Ergonomics should be favored! You should be able to easily manipulate the faucet lever without being hindered by the bottom of the mirror. The mirror should be well positioned according to your height, the faucet, and the ceiling height in the room where you are installing the mirror. Everything must be harmonious, aesthetic, and ergonomic.

Installing the Mirror: Safety and Precision

It's important to securely install the mirror to prevent it from falling and breaking, which could also cause injuries. Therefore, you will install the mirror using appropriate anchors that will easily support the weight of the mirror. The anchors can be made of zinc or brass, which you will screw through the wall. The anchors must be able to easily support the weight of the mirror. If necessary, plan for a nailing block, which is a wood support behind the mirror for a secure installation.

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