How to design a bathroom?

designer salle de bain

Several online applications exist for creating your bathroom floor plan. However, the time you will spend learning the software could be substantial. You can simply make an appointment at a store specializing in bathrooms.

The Advantage of the 3D Plan

Some plumbing businesses often offer this service, sometimes even for free! They are familiar with the software, and it will only take a few minutes to prepare your bathroom plan. You will be able to place elements such as vanity, bath, storage, toilet, etc., that are already designed within the software in question. Afterwards, you can even visualize your bathroom plan in 3D. Thanks to the 3D plan, you will have a good idea of the space between different articles and a realistic view of the completed project.

The Ideal Solution

Therefore, the most effective solution is to find a plumbing store or a specialist who offers a planning service.

You can also do it yourself if you wish, using software available online.

You will need the dimensions of your room, the location of doors and windows, drains and water supply, etc.

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