How to choose a sink faucet?

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Welcome to our guide on selecting the perfect bathroom faucet! When choosing a bathroom faucet, several criteria must be considered to ensure an optimal experience.

A Faucet in Harmony with Your Space

First, the faucet must be suitable for the basins or countertop bowl. It needs to be high enough to comfortably fit your hands under the faucet. Therefore, ergonomics is a key factor.

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Height and Depth: The Keys to a Well-Positioned Faucet

Your bathroom faucet choice should also take into account its depth. The faucet should be deep enough so that it directs the water stream towards the center of the basin and not too close to the inner side of the basin, thus too close to the wall. Otherwise, during hand washing, splashes will consistently hit the back wall. So, avoid buying a faucet without having chosen the vanity or basin in question. You must determine the correct height and depth.

Avoid Splashes

The third criteria is the angle of the water stream. Most faucets have a straight stream. If the faucet has a relatively short spout and if the stream is straight, the water will fall very close to the start of the basin. With an angled stream, the water from the faucet will be directed closer to the center of the basin, which will be much more pleasant, easier to use, and more ergonomic.

Durability Assured: Opt for Solid Brass

Regarding materials, choose a faucet made of solid brass (called 'brass' in English) rather than zinc. Zinc is a material that is very cheap to use but not very durable. A brass faucet will cost more, but it will last much longer over time.

Reliable Warranties for Peace of Mind

Opt for a faucet that comes with a good warranty. Most faucets come with a one-year warranty. Some brands offer limited 5-year warranties, the same goes for the cartridge. Consider a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on the cartridge. This indicates that the cartridge used is of high quality since it is guaranteed for life.

Availability of Spare Parts

Another criterion is the availability of spare parts. A 10-year warranty is useless if the retailer advises calling abroad to get service. Make sure that the retailer selling the product can offer a warranty with spare parts available locally and technicians who can repair the product within reasonable timeframes.

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