How to choose a kitchen faucet?

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It's best not to purchase a kitchen faucet online, as you should be able to handle the faucet before buying it to ensure that it remains comfortable for your use. You should choose a high-quality kitchen faucet because it's an item you will use daily.

Prioritize solid brass

A kitchen faucet must have quality components. Prefer a kitchen faucet that is made from solid brass and not zinc. Brass is more durable than zinc and offers unmatched quality. Demand a high-quality cartridge or valve with ceramic discs. These cartridges are durable and easy to replace. Opt for a kitchen faucet that comes with a good warranty on both the cartridge and the faucet itself. Ensure that the retailer has the parts on hand and the technicians to change the cartridge or perform any other repairs.

Essential Features

A kitchen faucet should be tall enough to easily slide items to be cleaned underneath. Choose a faucet equipped with a standard stream and rinse jets. It should swivel from left to right and be equipped with an extendable hose made from braided nylon to ensure greater durability.

Multiple Colors

Kitchen faucets are available in several colors: the very modern black, the more traditional chrome, or the brushed finish which matches the color of a brushed sink that people really appreciate.

Multiple Options

So, consider aspects of ergonomics, durability, and quality of materials. Also, ensure that the faucet in question will fit well into your decor. For example, a faucet that is very high behind a window is not always ideal, nor is a faucet that is too tall relative to the height of the surrounding cabinets. It is therefore important to match the faucet in terms of its manufacturing qualities, materials, ergonomics, and also dimensions to the space where you will install it.

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