How to choose a bathtub?


Choosing a bathtub for your bathroom can prove to be a pivotal decision, influencing both the comfort and aesthetics of your bathing space. The article explored several aspects to consider in this selection.

Constraints of Combined Bath-Showers

In a limited space, where there isn't the possibility to have a separate shower and bath, some people may opt for a combined bath-shower. The downside of this option is that the floor isn't perfectly flat, thus less comfortable. It is also more difficult to keep water inside compared to a shower. Sometimes a glass panel or a curtain is installed, which is less aesthetic. But if we have no choice, we opt for the built-in bath-shower option. For bath-showers, the standard dimension is usually 60 inches. It is critical to choose this type of bath with lips on three sides, to prevent water from seeping into the wall and thus keep the water inside the bath.

Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics

The other category of bathtub is the freestanding baths. It is crucial to choose the right dimensions. Always keep at least 2 inches of space on each side of the bath, relative to the walls near the bath. This space will allow for cleaning around the bath.

Opt for Quality Lucite Acrylic

Choose a bath made of quality Lucite brand acrylic. Lucite acrylic does not yellow and is very durable. Also, ensure that the underside of the bath is covered with fiberglass to reinforce the acrylic. 

bath layers

Ensured Stability and Customization

A quality freestanding bath will also be equipped with a steel structure that solidly supports the bath when filled with water. Adjustable legs also allow the bath to be perfectly leveled on a bathroom floor that is rarely flat.

The Importance of Extended Warranties

Avoid products that offer only a one-year warranty. Opt for a bath with a 5-year or even 10-year warranty. This reflects the confidence that the retailer has in their product.

Try Before You Buy

The ergonomics of the bath is also an important criterion. It is essential to try the baths you are interested in (it is not recommended to buy a bath online) to ensure that you are comfortable in the bath and that it is neither too small nor too large, and that it fits well with your decor. 

The Union of Design and Comfort in Bathtub Choice

Choose a bath that is more rounded for a more traditional style and generally a square-designed bath for a more modern decor. Obviously, there are exceptions, but choose a bath that blends well with the overall decor, that is comfortable, and that is ergonomic for each individual.
In conclusion, opt for a quality product, that comes with a solid warranty, is ergonomic, and matches your decor.

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