Frequently asked questions

1. What is the reason why Pure-Design is able to offer high quality products at a lower price than the competition?
No middleman, that's the short answer! We manufacture in our affiliated factories which we have selected with care. We choose accordingly for price and especially for quality. We then sell directly to consumers.

2. Is Pure-design a good brand?
Yes, we do! Pure Design manufactures in the best factories in the world! The company inspects all its products one by one. And Pure-Design offers comprehensive warranties on its products, which is proof of the trust we have in them.

3. Do you offer discounts for contractors?
Yes, 10% on purchase of 10000$ and above.

4. Do you provide after-sales service for your products?
Certainly! As a manufacturer, we know our products inside and out. It's easy for us to repair them, we have the parts in stock for you. The number of positive reviews about us on Google is a testament to this.

Come to our repair centre with your product and your invoice, and enjoy our 5-star service.

Please note that we do not provide home service, as we are not plumbers as required by law for on-site repair.

5. Do you sell parts for your products?
Yes, at the repair centre.

6. Do you do customised work?
No, and that's why our prices are more affordable. Our products are manufactured on an assembly line.

7. Can you deliver a purchase?
Yes, please contact us for more information.

8. Do you deliver?
Yes, ask at the shop about the costs involved.

9. What are your opening hours?
Consult the homepage to see the schedule.

10. Do you offer installation services?
No. However, you can benefit from our professional references. Contact us to find out more.

11. Are you closed during the construction holidays?
We are open during the construction holidays.

12. Do you have technical data sheets for your products?
When available, a "download" button can be used on the product sheet.

13. My product is no longer covered by the warranty. Can you repair it?
Yes, go to the service centre with it.

14. Where are your products made?
Around the world, in the best certified factories.

15. Are your products "standard"?
Yes, and it's easy to install!

16. I have comments about my experience with Pure-Design. Who can I contact?
Contact our customer service department at 514 998-5555. We are available to help you personally.

17. Do you sell products certified by the Quebec Building Code?
Yes, and it is required by law. All our products are UPCc or ETL certified, in accordance with the Quebec Building Code. For skeptics and code officials, the certificates are all available in shop.

18. Do you sell used products or liquidation lots?
No. All our products are brand new and guaranteed. We do not buy or resell scales or stock lots. Here we focus on quality and service at a good price!

19. Do you sell to resellers?
No. We sell directly to the consumer, hence the low prices without intermediaries!

20. Do I need to make an appointment to visit you?
No, we are open to the public according to the schedule available on the homepage.

21. Can you hold my purchases in inventory while my renovation project progresses?
Yes, come and see us in shop.

22. What are the guarantees of Pure-Design?
Please see the page on guarantee for full information.

23. Can I make a deposit to reserve my products?
No, the balance must be paid in full.

24. Can I get a refund on a purchase?
Our products are final sale. Contact us for more information.

1. Do the vanities come together?
Yes, they are completely.

2. How to install a Pure-design vanity?
It is very simple. Attach the metal brackets (provided) to the wall using twist anchors. The countertop should be 32″ inches from the floor.
On each white support inside the vanity are two screws. The top one is to level the vanity and the bottom one brings the vanity closer to the wall. Adjust the top screws to level and then gently tighten the bottom screws.

3. How to remove a vanity drawer?
Pull the drawer towards you. Simply remove the 2 small screws on the bottom of the drawer.
Underneath it, in front of and to the left and right of the drawer, is a screw. Unscrew the two screws completely and lift the drawer upwards.

4. How to adjust a vanity drawer?
Pull the drawer towards you. Underneath the drawer, in front of and to the left and right of the drawer, is a screw. Loosen the screw to raise or lower the serrated washer. This raises or lowers the drawer.

5. Are acrylic sinks included in the price of vanities?
Absolutely, as well as the drains.

6. Are all your finishes available in all your models?

7. Are the acrylic coverings of the washbasins resistant?
Yes, and it's also very easy to maintain.

1. Can I install a wall-mounted hood to replace my hood under my cabinets?
Yes, only if your air outlet is on top. Chimney hoods are not installed with a rear outlet.

2. How do you wash the filters?
Soak the filters in warm water with dish soap for about 30 minutes.

3. Are the hoods quiet?
Really quiet and powerful.

4. How is the hood installed?
Two screws hold the hood in place and a metal plate for the chimney.

5. What is the maximum ceiling height for the installation of a hood?
9 feet.

6. Are baffle filters (stainless steel) available for all models?

1. Do the baths have a drain?
Yes, they all have a drain.

2. Is the water return connected to the drain?
Yes, the water return is connected to the bath.

3. What are the materials used to make the baths?
Here is the description: acrylic cladding (3.5ml thick), the underside reinforced with three layers of fibreglass and steel posts.

4. How to install a freestanding bath?
You need a minimum of two inches when it is placed next to a wall, and you should also allow six inches for the installation of the free-standing fitting.

5. What adjustments are possible?
You can adjust the legs under the bath individually.

6. Can we try the baths?
Come into the shop and we will be happy to let you try our baths!

1. How do I connect my shower column?
It's easy to connect the two flexible hoses already installed on your shower columns to two one-half outlets (hot and cold water) behind the shower. Consult a plumber if necessary.

2. What is a thermostatic valve?
It is a graduated knob that sets and regulates the water temperature.

3. Is there a lot of pressure in your shower stacks?
Yes, because the silicone nozzles of the massage jets provide maximum pressure.

4. Is it possible to install a shower column if you have a bath shower?
We have models specifically designed for use in the shower and bath.

1. Are the valves guaranteed?
They are for life.

2. Do waterfall taps cause splashing?
No, just adjust the water flow with the shut-off valves.

3. Are your taps certified?
Absolutely, UPCc warranty (Quebec plumbing code).

4. Where do you get the valves?
At the Pure Design warehouse.

Do you have any further questions?

Contact our customer service team for help and expert advice.


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