Best value for money for a kitchen faucet

kitchen faucet

If you want the best value for money, avoid big brands. Products made by large international brands are generally much more expensive.

These products are not of poor quality, but you will certainly pay for the name. The term used in English is "branding." These large companies spend tens of millions of dollars annually on advertising to boost the reputation of their brand. 

The advantage of importers

The most cost-effective products are from brands recognized locally. These brands import products sometimes made by top-quality factories. By buying from an importer-reseller, you will also save on the distributor's markup, which can range between 20% to 200%!

It is better to invest in a quality product, with the possibility of paying slightly more, but not for the brand. Kitchen faucets made with a solid brass body, equipped with ceramic disc cartridges, and that have an extended warranty should be preferred.

Two interesting choices

Also opt for a kitchen faucet that offers a solid warranty. It is possible to find warranties of five years and lifetime on the ceramic cartridge. Make sure your retailer offers a service of readily available parts. What good is a warranty without promptly available parts?

In conclusion, it is better to buy the products in question from manufacturing agents and not opt for a well-known global brand. Choose a quality faucet, without necessarily being very cheap. Favor products made with good materials and that also have a good warranty. This is the best way to enjoy quality products at prices that remain quite reasonable.

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